SODA – the new content distribution platform

May 12, 2023

SODA originates from an actual situation with a need for codes for a Jean Michel Jarre album release. Jarre and Sony Music wanted to give online access to special audio files not available on the album, without knowing the customer. No existing platforms held the desired functionality.

The Danish Designer, Claus Lundholm, who develops and oversees the official website, in collaboration with Sony Music, created a simple custom build platform for Jarre only.

Inspired by this event the SODA platform was conceived and created together with Solution Architect, Claus Jacobsen, and Developer, Klavs Wismann. SODA was established, to give others the opportunity to promote their products by distributing codes along with products.

Code Management

With this product you can host your content on your own website and use SODA Code to give your users restricted access to content and files.

  • Control usage of codes
  • Geofencing
  • Smart geoblocking
  • Plugins for most common Content Management Systems

Content Distribution

Like Code Management, you give your users restricted access to files, but with Content Delivery your files are hosted on a SODA platform. You do not need to have your own website to use Content Delivery.
You get access to a download portal with a unique URL. You can customize the portal with a background and logo. Through this download portal, you can give your users access to files.

  • Hosted on a secure file system
  • Files are masked for scraping
  • Download analytics

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