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SODA provides artists with an alternative platform that allows them to extend their audience reach while retaining greater control over the distribution and revenue of their music.
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SODA MUSIC is as a prominent platform for digital music distribution, catering to independent musicians and record labels, by offering an effective and user-friendly solution to share music. With a variety of features –such as seamless music upload and comprehensive insights, SODA MUSIC presents an appealing choice for artists seeking to expand their reach and connect with a broader or exclusive audience.

Experience the power of SODA MUSIC: elevate your music distribution effortlessly

The music industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation, fueled by the rapid ascent of streaming services. Artists now have an unprecedented opportunity to connect with a vast audience. However, this surge in accessibility has led to a more standardised approach to music production and promotion.

We are not here to compete with the major streaming platforms. Instead, we present ourselves with an alternative platform –empowering artists to release music and videos that may not align with mainstream platforms. Whether it's uncompressed audio or special mixes, SODA MUSIC has you covered.

Here are some of the benefits of using SODA MUSIC:

  • Unleash your artistic autonomy: With SODA MUSIC, you are in control of your music, distribution and revenue. Take control of how your music is delivered.
  • Embrace expert guidance: SODA MUSIC brings you closer to a network of influential labels, publishers, and industry professionals who genuinely understand your artistic vision. They will help you propel your music to new heights.
  • Dive into a wealth of invaluable insights and understand how your music is resonating across the globe and leverage this knowledge to optimise your success.

Embrace the future of music distribution by signing up for SODA MUSIC today. Unleash your creativity and effortlessly share your masterpiece with the world.

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