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Independent platform for artists and record labels

Gone are the days of relying on multiple services to distribute and promote music. SODA MUSIC streamlines the process by providing a secure platform that enables artists to upload their tracks and instantly distribute them.


Dive into a wealth of invaluable insights and cutting-edge tools provided by SODA MUSIC. Understand how your music is resonating across the globe and leverage this knowledge to optimize your success.


SODA MUSIC brings you closer to a network of influential labels, publishers, and industry professionals who genuinely understand your artistic vision. They will help you propel your music to new heights.

Extend with more

Expand by adding additional functionality like video and audio streaming, music promotion and expanded insights.

Stay in control

Take full control over your own digital assets.

Easy sharing

Share with ease on social media, newsletters and other with SODA MUSIC URL's - with or without unique QR codes.
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More Information

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